Guangzhou - the oldest mosque Huaisheng is 1,300 years old and historic in Guangzhou, China. Although thousands of years old, this mosque is very beautiful. When traveling to the Land of the Bamboo, do not forget to visit there.

China has many interesting sights and historic. Besides Great Wall, there was a historic mosque Huaiseng with the building
very unique and interesting. located in Ta Lu Guang Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, is a historic mosque for Muslims.

From the shape of the building, the mosque is not like a place of worship. He was surrounded by walls with gates labeled red lettered China. There is no dome as a marker of the mosque.

The only thing that could indicate that the place is really the mosque is the tower or in Chinese called 'Minaret'. And that's the thing that remains of the mosque which was built in the 7th century AD it.

Tower about 36 meters high and 8.7 meters in diameter. In some parts, peeling walls. Some other parts of overgrown shrubs.

In addition to the tower, in the complex area of ​​3800 square meters of the gate stands a relic of the dynasty were on the roof of the inside are writings in Arabic, shop for religious services, activities center, and documentation of the history of the mosque.

The main hall of the place of worship was in the back. While the remaining tower was located on the front right side of the entrance. In the back of the hall there is a special room to display souvenir from various countries, there is Quran, inscriptions, or other goods.

The whole building element of China, such as the curve of the roof or ornaments in wood and walls. But in some parts there are the words in Arabic. Interesting is not it?

Around the mosque is a dense region, there are a lot of mini and store their daily needs. Not many Muslims who remained in the area for migrating to work reasons.

"The numbers (pilgrims) only 100 of the people. Was also mostly not native China but citizens of other countries," said manager Guangta Mosque, Nurdin, who guided us and representatives of the Xinhua News Agency, on Monday (08/20/2012) yesterday .

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province. Position in southern China, close to Hong Kong more than Beijing, capital of China. Although far from the center of government, Guangzhou growing rapidly. Towering buildings, apartments, and shopping centers thrive.

In a city that has now reached 11 million population, Islam was first planted in China by Saad ibn Abi Waqash. Saad came at the beginning of the reign of the Tang Dynasty 627-649 AD Then he built a mosque and Muslims continued survival and several dynasties.

The mosque is a place of worship for everyone, be it from China, Africa, the Middle Timu, and others are coming. When visiting this mosque, not only historic buildings but also you will feel the warm hospitality of the local community spirit.