Jakarta - Located on the side of the square, Masjid Raya Bandung became symbols of Islam shaft in the Flower City. This ancient building has metamorphosed into a magnificent and beautiful mosque. Suitable for Lebaran moment approached.

Who would have thought the imposing building was once just a simple wooden stage. Masjid Raya Bandung, once known as the Great Mosque of Bandung, was built in 1812. The first time there was only one stage standing traditional with wooden poles, woven bamboo walls and thatched roof. A large pool is available to perform ablution.

New start in 1826, the mosque was being constructed wooden buildings. Masjid Raya Bandung ended up using bricks and roof tiles, on the initiative of the Regent RA Wiranatakoesoemah IV who served from 1846 to 1874.

Citing the official tourism website of Bandung, on Tuesday (08/14/2012), the location of the Great Mosque which is located in the middle of a very dense commercial activity, is the main characteristic possessed this mosque. The building looks like today is the result of several renovations. Since the 1826 renovation, demolition re-done in 1850, 1900, 1930, 1955, until the last in 2006. The renovation included redesign the square just in front of the Mosque.

Now, this mosque is equipped with 2 meter high wall patterned fish scales, a typical marker Priangan ornaments. Roof overlaying three used since 1850 was changed to the onion dome-style model of the Middle East. Expanded foyer, a long space on the left and right of the mosque together with the main building. Two twin towers towering as high as 81 meters into the main characteristic of this mosque.

Start the afternoon, the square area already crowded visitors ngabuburit and seek to break their takjil. Maghrib call to prayer as a marker of past dusk resonated beautifully, as if to wake the whole city to facing his back. The fathers Jajaka flocking into the mosque for evening prayer and tarawih.

If your hometown is the city of Bandung, Masjid Raya be a fitting place for Eid prayers. If you visited Bandung when going home, do not forget to stop for a moment to pray. Feel the Flower City atmosphere cool and comfortable while enjoying the masterpiece of Islamic architecture.