You know, it turns out women are good at planning a vacation than men. Women carefully read the research and tour packages, or study each destination to be visited. Not to forget, about the cost of travel! 

Not a traveler who is traveling with his partner. It is considered more romantic and more healthy relationship. Behind it, the women are apparently planning more trips than men. 

Of release Skyscanne, Thursday (06/27/2013), nearly 90% of the 1,000 women in the world traveler who said they were planning a vacation trip. Only 9% of women who said a male partner who does that. 

"Women are the people who are most involved with planning trips and men respect their decision," said Tika Larasati, Market Development Manager Skyscanner Indonesia. 

Another fact, 1 in 10 men admitted lazy vacation planning. The reason, women are considered more reliable select tourist attractions, more accurate budgeting, and better at it gets a suitable offer tour packages. 

"It also shows how much confidence men on women to plan their vacation," said Tika. 

Decisions regarding cost is the least cause dissent, with 2% who often do not agree. Meanwhile, the matter of determining the vacation budget is the most serious problem among men and women. Nearly one in ten respondents said they always disagree on matters of money.