Banjarmasin - Renowned for unique flotation market, South Kalimantan is visited by many tourists for the holiday. If you visit there, do not miss the 4 by-by his trademark.

Some time ago, we were able to visit South Kalimantan. In addition to Floating Market, there's another place also visited by travelers, the Diamond Market Martapura. They are busy hunting souvenirs typical of South Kalimantan.

Want to know what by-hunted by tourists to take home to home town? Compiled detikTravel, Monday (01/07/2013) has him 4 of them:

1. Sasirangan

Sasirangan is a kind of batik cloth typical of South Kalimantan. You can find it at many stores that exist in Banjarmasin or Martapura.

Motif and coloring that is in sasirangan quite unique and different than the cloth from other regions. So, if you've never seen before, surely you can instantly recognize where batik sasirangan with just one look.

Just like batik in Yogyakarta, Sasirangan is in South Kalimantan are sold in a variety of types. There are cloth, robe, shirt, up shirt. Materials available also vary, ranging shirts, cotton and silk.

One of the fun places to hunt sasirangan fabric is Martapura Market. Here, many rows of shops selling various types sasirangan. The price also varies. To sasirangan cotton price is around USD 15, while those made from silk around USD 21. But do not worry, all the prices can still go down if you haggle.

2. Various precious stones

This is her first target for most travelers, various precious stones like diamonds and gems. One of the cities in South Kalimantan, namely Martapura known as a producer of diamonds. There are places on the diamond panning there. Stores that sell diamond jewelry diamond throne too scattered.

In Martapura, there are two places selling various handicrafts gemstones, namely Batu Market and Happy Earth Light Market. Both are filled with shops selling jewelry, from bracelets, cincing, necklaces to earrings.

If you want to bring a souvenir home to relatives in town, you can buy a bracelet or necklace natural stone. The price ranges from USD 15. However, if you want to buy a gift that you can choose the more expensive diamond ring or sapphire blue.

3. Dodoo Kandangan

Not just soto Banjar, South Kalimantan also have other delicious culinary, namely Kandangan lunkhead. As the name implies, this lunkhead from Kandangan, one of the cities in South Kalimantan.

Actually, there is not much difference between the lunkhead lunkhead Kandangan with others. The difference is the size of a thinner and sweeter. Make anyone who enjoys want to taste again and again.

Just like usual you taste lunkhead, lunkhead Kandangan also has a lot of flavor. Some of the most commonly hunted travelers is durian and sweet.

Dodoo Kandangan suited to serve as a souvenir from South Kalimantan. Let more Afdhal, this lunkhead buy directly from their home town, which is Kandangan. There are rows of shops selling this delicious lunkhead. It costs about USD 7.5/10 wrap. Each pack weighs 60 grams.

4. Crackers amplang

By-by others who also have to be brought home from South Kalimantan is amplang crackers. This is a much coveted crackers traveler because it is so tasty.

Amplang crackers made from mackerel fish. Once bite, taste the fish instantly felt throughout the mouth. Small size makes it fit to be a cracker snacks.

Usually, tourists enjoy these crackers with boiled noodles or even meatballs. Yummy! To get it, tourists can come to a lot of shops selling souvenirs. Typically, these crackers are sold for USD 2.5/250 grams.