Banjarmasin - Million surprise given as to its tourist Banjarmasin. After the flotation of a typical market, now travelers are invited to enjoy breakfast on a boat in the Barito river. Unique!

Floating market was not only present merchants who peddle goods on the boat alone, but also a place to eat. In fact, not a few people who came to the Floating Market just to try out the fun of eating on the boat.

Floating restaurant, which is the term given to the existing dining at the Floating Market. Floating Restaurant Named as a feeding site were in a boat.

Directly radiated unique impression when I first saw this floating restaurant some time ago. A wooden boat that looks larger speeding down the Barito river.

There was no weirdness when you first see it, but when the boat was passing timber ship which I was riding, something surprising happened. The timber ship turns reading "Soto Banjar".

Aha! It seems that peddle boat soto banjar as breakfast. Curious, sayan immediately stopped the boat approached the location.

Just like restaurants that allow mainland visitors to get into the restaurant, the restaurant boat too. Visitors who want to eat soto banjar as breakfast, were admitted into the boat.

Presented fairly diverse menu. On the boat to eat this, you can taste the delicious soto banjar, skewers and cook Habang or red ripe.

The eyes momentarily taken aback by the sight in front of uniqueness. All activities such as dispensing cuisine restaurant, bake broil, making drinks, to seat visitors were in a boat.

Get into the boat, passengers are required to sit cross-legged and looked down. The distance between the seats and the roof was quite close, so be careful that the head does not terpentok yes.

Once in the boat, the waiter will ask you your order. After knowing the buyer's order, he swiftly told the chef.

About 15 minutes after ordering, my food arrived 'Soto Banjar'. As she continued to stare in the direction of the crowd Floating Market, mouthful after mouthful of ketupat input into the mouth. She found it when it favors.

Spending time with typical food breakfast on the boat Banjarmasin terass so perfect. All feels more complete with a small shake of waves menambark river boat