Banjarmasin - Floating Market in Banjarmasin become mandatory location to visit when traveling to South Kalimantan. Feel the pulse of the City of Thousand River winds through the morning and drove wooden boat swaying in the Barito river.

This is the story of my trip to Banjarmasin during a visit some time ago. Floating Market also become a tourist attraction on the list of places I've visited mandatory.

Tuesday morning (08/21/2012) at around 03:30 pm, my family and I are leaving for North Banjarmasin. Of our goals is visited Floating Market, Banjarmasin City icon.

With eyes still sleepy, I kept looking at the streets of the city. Did not seem crowded at that time, perhaps all occupants still busy playing in dreamland. Slowly open the car window, the morning breeze feels smooth face slap Banjarmasin.

After a half hour drive, do not feel we had arrived at the Kuin North, the starting point to the Floating Market. This unique shopping sensation was interested a lot of people, seen from the number of people who came to North Kuin.

After the morning prayer, we slowly toward the boat dock. There seemed a lot of wooden boats for hire travelers who want to enjoy the floating market.

Boat bargaining ensued between travelers and boat owners. Finally a successful medium-sized wooden boat we rented for USD 17.5. By taking a sitting position at the end of the boat, I started a morning trip to the Floating Market.

Houses standing on the edge of the river became accompanist way to market locations. Sunlight that has not seemed to make eye gaze a little difficult. Eits, but suddenly my eyes were stunned by the sight in front.

In the dark of the day, the cold wind and the speed boat, the boat looks great wooden ship our race. What is unique is the board on it, appear the words 'Soto Banjar'. Well apparently it's in the restaurant boat Floating Market. Unique! Might be hard to find anywhere else.

While continuing to look ahead, the river flows slowly widened. Occasionally felt a small wave hit our boat. Sizable sway inevitable. A few moments later the boat returned quietly, now in front of me seemed a great river full of various ships. Some are carrying passengers, some are carrying merchandise.

"These two banana comb USD 1.5, it is also sweet orange, a basket of USD 3.5," said one trader with a timber ship close to our boat.

It turns out this is how shopping at the floating market, boat approached the merchant ship buyers and offer goods. Once the price is right, you can grab the goods.

Not feel the morning sun slowly emerged. Satisfied shopping, wooden boat that read 'Soto Banjar' became our goal. This is where breakfast is the most unique place I've ever tasted. Spectacular