Songjiang - A former mining areas such as cliffs and lakes in China will be transformed into a 5 star luxury hotel. Rooms will be on the cliff and the lake will be a swimming pool. There is also an artificial waterfall as high as 100 feet! 

If you usually only know the Chinese tourists who often do act, so this time get ready to be surprised. China will conjure a former mining areas that are not used to 5 star luxury hotels. You can shower waterfall rock climbing or playing there. 

Reported by the Telegraph, Thursday (06/28/2013), mined areas are located in Songjiang District and close to Shanghai City. Is InterContinental, a hotel group that will make a 5 star luxury hotel there. They are ready to disburse funds of 345 million pounds. 

Cliffs surround the lake, will be converted into hotel rooms, hotel lobby and restaurant. From a total of 19 floors, will have 2 floors which are combined to see the depth of the lake as deep as 100 meters. 

Former Lake mine was also going to be transformed. Lake will be a giant swimming pool. Later, guests who stay can swim or play a variety of water sports, such as banana boat may or canoe. 

Then, several artificial waterfalls as high as 100 meters will also be made in the crevices of the cliffs. Thus, guests can see a beautiful waterfall that flows from the room. Not only that, guests can also try extreme sports such as bungee jumping or rock climbing. Wow! 

Her hotel will rely on solar thermal energy for both electricity and heating devices. A British design firm, Atkins is also coupled to a hotel property as green as possible so eco-friendly theme. 

The hotel is planned to be opened in early 2014. For the traveler who is willing to stay, room rates start from 200 pounds or approximately USD 300. Apparently, the hotel is part of a larger project to build an amusement park Shanghai Shimao Wonderland.