Berau - There's good news for the leisure traveler who intends to Derawan Islands but hindered transport. An airport is being built on the island, precisely in Maratua.

"Festival Derawan hopefully can be an embryo that could encourage the Derawan increasing tourism," Coordinating Minister said for People's Welfare, Agung sat Ministerial meetings held in the framework of the Festival review of Derawan, 2013, in the office of Regent of Berau, Berau regency, East Kalimantan, Thursday (27/6 / 2013) night.

To that end, he proposed that an airport was built in Derawan Islands. Currently, the airport is also under construction.

"One of the islands will be established airport for planes landing so that tourism can be more rapidly again," Agung said.

The island is Maratua. Later, on the island would stand an airport to facilitate the tourists come to Derawan.

"I suggest that the magnitude of 1,700 square meters.'s Sake embodiment Derawan Sail 2015," Agung said.

Hopefully, with this airport, there is no longer reason why tough traveler came to Derawan. Various types of aircraft are also expected to land there.

Agreed statement Menkokesra, East Kalimantan Governor Awang Ishak Faroek admitted that the airport is in the process of development. He hopes construction can be completed quickly.

"Now under construction, so hopefully soon done," Awang said.