Barcelona - If the rail line is usually only decorated the rocks, another case with railways in Europe. Rather than look barren, overgrown rail line is so shades of green and environmentally friendly.

Reporting from Amusing Planet, Thursday (27/06/2013), several cities in Europe have a train line tram overgrown grass. It began in 1980, many cities want green land for cleaner air.

As a result in addition to city parks, the railway also deliberately overgrown grass. Some cities that have the green line is Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milan, Freiburg in Germany, also St-Eitienne and Strasbourg in France.

Railway line route 39 in Brussels, Belgium for example. Located next to the highway and without fences, pathways keerta looked very green and clean. Similarly, the train line in the city of Freiburg, Germany which is also adjacent to the highway. The difference is, there are bushes that separate the green train line to the highway.

Until now, the path is overgrown with grass so it was not just a train track. Rail line is also eco-friendly so many tourists as it is located in the city center. When Indonesia got one like this ya?