Indonesia has many islands are beautiful but hidden. Samber Gelap Island in South Kalimantan possibly sinister name, but the landscape is charming. 

Samber Gelap Island is in Kotabaru , South Kalimantan. The island has an amazingly beautiful scenery. White sand beaches and gentle, and clear sea water coupled with the blue sky. 

It begins with the invitation of friends to vacation together to Balabangan, East Kalimantan. However, the distance is far enough away so that makes me and 2 other friends are confused to participate or not. Suddenly there was a call from another friend for a vacation to the island of the Samber Gelap in Kotabaru. 

Almost 2 weeks we prepare for this holiday. From finding information fairly minimal, the ship is uncertain, to what items to bring. 3 days before departure, curiosity finally was relieved to photograph the ship being sent friends through social networks. The night before leaving for the shock began to arise due to hear the sea journey will be approximately 8-10 hours. 

We depart from Terminal Parent Km 6 Banjarmasin towards Tanah Bumbu Pagatan taken approximately 5 hours. After arriving in Pagatan, we waited a while and had heard horror stories about the malaria mosquito. Finally, we set off at 23:00 pm Samber Gelap. Calm waves lucky that night and the moon was shining bright that shocks the ship is much less pronounced, although unusually cold. 

At 09.00 pm the ship that we were finally starting to approach the Samber Gelap Island. Fatigue replaced with excitement when we saw green sea water and 3 islands that line from a distance. Ship finally docked to the island of Sawa, one of a cluster of Samber Gelap Island. 

Not fully docked ships, one by one we are plunged into the sea because they could not see the water is very clear. When we're cool to play sea water and white sand is very soft, some other friends set up a tent for us to stay there. 

On a deserted island this winsome, we enjoy the beauty of the island is so quiet. Even a passing ship can be counted on the fingers. Sawa island inhabited only 2 officers only. After lunch, we decided to snorkel. Apparently, there many coral reefs damaged by bombing people who are not responsible. 

Even so, there still could dtemui various tiger fish. Even fairly easy to find a starfish. While snorkeling, we crossed over to the Samber Gelap Island. 

Evidently, there is a Samber Gelap Island private resort unfinished. We are also looking for some other snorkeling spots that were there. Coral reefs in there pretty good and plenty. However, others damaged by hit by a barge. 

Sawa before returning to the island, we could see the funny dive-dive in captivity. After snorkeling we were engrossed in fuel-burn fresh fish catch results from ABK. 

Later that night, we had dinner accompanied moonlight very beautiful and perfect. What a romantic! After that, we played for a while and finally decided to get some tent and sleeping. 

Around 24.00 pm, we were woken up and asked officers crossed into Samber Gelap Island to see turtles laying eggs again. We walk because that night the water subsided. Unfortunately, after circling the island that night we did not find one turtle that climbed to the beach. 

Morning before going home, we took longer to enjoy the underwater beauty of the island of Sawa. That morning we found some cute stingrays and many other fish species. Exactly at 09.00 pm, we decided to go home and get ready for the long journey again. 

It is remarkable this holiday, hope we can come back to this beautiful island. For anyone who will be visiting the island, keep the cleanliness and beauty of the surrounding environment so that our grandchildren can enjoy it later still that there is a hidden paradise in South Kalimantan.