Boone - A hotel in the area of ​​North Carolina, the U.S. became the talk of the traveler. 3 hotel guests were killed in two months, in the same room, mysteriously. Some believe, the hotel is haunted!

Police in the city of Boone, North Carolina are investigating the death of 11-year boy named Jeffrey Lee Williams in Room 225 Hotel Best Western Ridge Plaza. On Saturday, June 8, 2013 and 12:30 local time, the clerk found dead in his room Jeffrey.

His mother named Jeannie (49) was found in a state of asphyxia, aka lack of oxygen and excess carbon dioxide. Jeannie was rushed to hospital Watauga and his life saved.

Here it is mysterious. On 16 April 2013, in the same room, a tourist named Daryl Dean Jenkins (73) and his wife Shirly Mae (72) was found dead. Whereas the previous night, they still had time on the phone with their son.

Reported by, Tuesday (11/06/2013) medics have not managed to find any indication of their deaths suspicious. Any alleged mystical wild burst. News by word of mouth spread the story room was cursed and haunted.

"Daryl and Shirley fit and healthy and very active. There is no reason to believe they suddenly died naturally," said family attorney Mark S Brumbaugh.

Cause of their deaths could not be ascertained. The police even admitted it was not a regular occurrence.

"It is not usual there are two people died like that, but not impossible," said Police Chief Unit PR Boone, Sergeant Shane Robbins.

Police on Monday, June 10th launch yesterday of alleged poisoning of carbon dioxide to the three victims. Carbon dioxide is suspected of heating the pool water that is just below the room. However, the investigation has not been completed.

"There are indications of an increase in carbon dioxide in the room. Hotels emptied and now we ask for help from the health department inspection of North Carolina," said Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford.

Hotel Best Western Ridge Plaza was closed for inspection by the authorities. During that time, the hotel has become subject of gossip traveler, whether haunted or toxic.