Many people who longed for traveling around the world for free, even if it could actually be paid. There are 3 people in Indonesia who has been traveling the world for free, they are ready to share the secret.

Lia Noviyanti, Martha Wiguna, Haris Juhaeri, these names may be somewhat unfamiliar to the traveler. They are not celebrities or travel twitter blogger. But do not ask about the experience. The entire continent on planet Earth has them explore, for free!

In the discussion of 'Cruising the Globe' at @ america, Pacific Place, on Saturday (06/15/2013) afternoon, revealing that they can go around the world by way of working on a cruise ship. Lia has been working for 2 years, Martha has worked for 3 years and Haris has worked for 4 years.

Their experience was incredible. Lia has been to Alaska, Seattle, Florida, Boston, New York, Hawaii, Fiji, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and Australia. Martha passed through Alaska, Los Angeles, Florida, Miami, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Haris even more powerful, yet living the South Pole that he attended.

"My intention is going around the world, I continue to see jobs on cruise ships. Alhamdulillah I escaped," said Lia who is studying in the hospitality field.

It is also said to Martha, intentions around the world find a way to work on a cruise ship. Working on cruise becoming the preferred method many young people who want to travel the world for free. Working while traveling around the world, why not!

"The motivation I want to travel the world and earn money," said Martha.

They acknowledged working on a cruise ship is heavy. Lia, Martha and Harris worked as a waiter in various restaurants cruises. Tarkadang time they break in a matter of hours. But because they doyang traveling, every time the ship rests in the port, it's an opportunity they used to traveling in the country of destination.

"Most memorable for me was Alaska, because it was the first time they see snow," said Lia.
"I like the building Europe," said Martha, who also became the stewardess.

Different again with Haris who claimed to love the beautiful natural scenery. He said Alaska, Norway, and Scandinavia has perfect natural. Well how about the opposite sex?

"Guys Italian macho and exotic," said Lia.
"Hmmm, New York guy handsome-looking," said Martha.
"She's the best Russians, they were angel (angel-ed)," chirps Haris audience to laughter on all three comments.

Homesick certainly be a big challenge because they leave Indonesia at least until 8 months old. Because traveling was hooked, Lia, and Martha Harris, had many ways to treat feeling nostalgic.

Lia likes to call his parents. Martha claimed he got the break for 2-3 months, he pleasures himself spending time with their families.

"I would not homesick, I am always excited!" Haris closed.