Magelang is located in the province of Central Java is known to have an attractive tourist potential. Ranging from natural attractions, culture, culinary history up. That is why, Magelang became one of the mainstays of the 40 regions of Central Java tourist destinations are the focus of attention of the provincial and central governments.
"In no Borobudur Magelang.'s Why not only the provincial government but also attacked the central government in order to better handle the flagship destination," said A Prasetyo Wibowo, Head of Culture and Tourism of Central Java province, on the sidelines of the Farewell Dinner Borobudur Travel Mart and Expo (BTMX) at Hotel Atria Magelang City, Saturday (15/06/2013) night.
In recent times, said Prasetyo, Magelang actually worked pretty intense. By way of holding a variety of national and international events. Even the level of tourist destinations is also a change from earlier.
"Going forward, Magelang, Central Java will be the main icon after all this time we are working on Solo. If some time ago every tourist just ride the piss in Magelang to Yogyakarta, now there is little change," he said.
In addition to Magelang, Central Java Provincial Government through the Department of Culture and Tourism has also set up 39 tourism destinations in 2013. The destination call was taken of 266 potential tourist destinations in Central Java.
Prasetyo said, as many as 40 destinations in Central Java was scattered in various regions in several routes, including Baturaden Purwokerto-Wonosobo Dieng, Solo-Sangiran, Apex-Blora, and Pekalongan-Tegal.
"As many as 80 percent of whom are natural and cultural attractions, while 20 percent are creative industries," he said.
He said he expects the entire community that the goal of these destinations in order to prepare themselves. In addition to the management of tourism, cultural tourism is also prepared.