Dakhla - View mummies in the museum alone, shits and horror was immediate. Imagine how scary if you look directly at the mummy tomb without borders. Here's Funeral Muzawaka, one of the scariest sights in Egypt.

Besides the pyramid, it seems almost everyone knows that Egypt is identical with mummy. Not a few travelers who had come there to see the mummy form.

Typically, the museum used the site to see mummy. There, the traveler will be presented with the appearance of a mummy that has been protected with glass storefront. But you can only just see it.

Even so, a sense of horror and spooky feeling remains blanketed every visitor who comes. Well, for those wishing to tour more challenging, try to come to the summit of Mount Dakhla Area, Gebel Edmonstone, Egypt.

Here there is an ancient cemetery called Muzawaka. Peek of the official tourism website of Egypt, Tuesday (18/06/2013) This cemetery has been around since the Roman civilization.

Since the discovery in 1972, Funeral Muzawaka so famous tourist attractions in Egypt. Not only that, Muzawaka also be the most terrible sights there.

Imagine, being in the mountains, Muzawaka inhabited by many tombs and mummies. Yes, there are a lot of mummies and bones lying there.

Either because it is deliberately placed just or because excavated beast. Were obviously tourists can see directly.

Not only that, if you dare to tourists who come to touch her, but not to damage the mummy. I wonder if the attraction is to be one of the most sinister in Egypt.

Looking around the cemetery, there are beautiful paintings on the walls are engraved. According to archaeologists, the paintings depict scenes of people being worshiped Gods and Sadosiris Petorisis.

Currently closed for renovations a few graves. But mummy still travel lovers can come as many graves are opened for visitors.

To achieve Muzawaka tomb, now there are many local travel agencies that provide these tour packages. You can also rent a car with a local driver who will guide travelers towards Muzawaka.