Gold Coast - A photo of a zoo koalas in Australia in an uproar on Facebook. This is because the koala looks holding female visitor who picked her breasts. Basic koala naughty!

This photo mounted Queensland tourism agency, Visit Queensland on their Facebook account. In the picture there is Elisa Detrez of France was hugging koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

Elisa is the winner of "Best Jobs in the World" from the Australian tourism bodies and the prizes get a job related to tourism and of course the roads in the land of kangaroos. Reporting from on Wednesday (6/26/2013) photo holding a koala breast Elisa get 3,000 likes and is shared 300 times since diuplod on Friday, June 14th last.

Comments for the koala is manifold. They assume the photo was funny.

"I think the koala's doing the best job," said a Facebooker.
"I've never seen a koala up grinning like this," said another.

While Elisa said he was not aware of the koala holding her breasts. He looked at the camera focus and even fear koalanya blurred.

"It's a wild animal so we can not regulate everything.'s Funny and all, but other times I am more cautious," said Elisa commented that the mischievous koala.

Elisa admitted love koalas. The photo is the first time he hugged a koala and it was an exceptional experience. In France, Elisha lived in a small apartment so go enjoy the atmosphere of Australia to be very fun for her.