Dallas - Watch your child when traveling to the zoo. Your child's a little awkward, might be an animal in a cage to be angry. At the Dallas Zoo, the U.S. kicked off a Gorilla glass ridiculed as a child.

Usually, tourists come with their families when the roads to the zoo. They brought young children to introduce a farrago of wildlife with a variety of sizes and colors. But be careful, sometimes animals can also upset the child.

News reported from Australia, Wednesday (06/26/2013), an unusual event occurred in the Dallas Zoo, Dallas, USA. The incident was captured on amateur camera circulating on the internet. At that time, a group of tourists with a group of children looking at a gorilla in the cage of a glass barrier.

There was one little boy a lot of behavior. When the gorilla sitting quietly, the little boy and the mock-ngejek gorilla beating his chest tight. Like, a raging gorilla!

"You're ugly!" said the little boy as he continued to beat his chest and pointed gorrila face.

Initially, the gorilla silent and ignored. But about 10 seconds later, the gorilla shouting his mouth and kicked open the glass barrier!

"Waaa!" shouted a group of young children dread, including many small children tingah it.

The gorilla was then walked casually leave the glass divider. Her children would still be in shock and did not think would be angry gorilla. So for the traveler who brought children to the zoo, watch ya!