Vacation is in sight, which country will we discover? Do not be afraid to stray that have not been there. We get a peek at the first virtual destination tourist destinations from Google Maps.

Many tourists who had first come to a city or country. They certainly need practical information about where to study. A digital map is the solution to their choice.

From the release of Google on Wednesday (06/26/2013) they remind the features that can help the tourists explore the city around the world or checking the famous places. The most reliable of course Google Street View.

Google Street View has thousands of locations around the world in Google Maps, making it more comprehensive and useful for the internet users the world. From historical museums to stage sports, panoramic landscape photo is available in Street View allows travelers to learn the destination is only a few clicks.

Just type in a location or region that you want to visit and tourists can feel virtually lives in Marina Bay, Singapore or at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil. Cool place to see Google Maps Street View, including Ernest Shackleton's hut at the south pole, the base NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida or the Base Camp at the foot of Mount Everest.

In addition, features fun for travelers offered by Google is Photo Tours. When planning a trip to the historic towns and want to take a virtual tour of the attraction, Photo Tours traveler can use to get a preview of it before deciding which one to choice destinations visited.

Photo Tours are made from the photos posted on the internet users around the world to the web application diuplod to Panoramio or Picasa photo album. Google Maps uses the latest technology to organize and combine all the images into a 3D format and then mengkelompokkan, or cluster, the photos based on what can be seen. If many people take photos in front of the famous cathedral for example, the engine will choose the best photo.

Well, for fans of the museum, please try Google Cultural Institute. Google Cultural Institute partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to provide the world's cultural treasures online. As a result, we can explore the museums of the world and see art ranging from traditional paintings to sculptures and photographs of historical places like the Palace of Versailles, the White House and the British Museum.

Before the real streets, virtual streets could be a way to learn the purpose of the travel destination traveler. So, when they are actually there, where it was already understood as in their own country.