Aceh is famous for its beautiful beaches. But more than that, Aceh also has Mount Kemiki no less exotic. All-natural expanse of green and very cool air, you can feel when you vacation there.

So slick masterpiece of the Creator who gives a lot of vast wilderness, the caldera, the lake and the highest peak in the mountains of Aceh. Aceh forest is so vast to be explored. In every corner, always available in an interesting place to visit.

Kemiki mountain located in the Ulu Masen, Aceh. There were some exotic scenery that can tempt us to discover. Ulu Masen forest covers six counties ranging from Bireuen, Pidie Jaya, Pidie, Aceh Besar, Aceh Jaya and Aceh Barat has an area of ​​up to 750,000 acres.

Ulu Masen area region has a rainfall and discharge of water large enough. No wonder, if in the area frequent rains every day.

Mount Kemiki name may not sepopoler Mount Peut Sagoe, although both of them are located in the adjacent Gempang, District Mane, Pidie district, Aceh. Kemiki mountain has an altitude of 2800 masl and categorized as having primary mountain tringulasi monument built in the Dutch colonial period.

Deeper into the jungle, we will see just how exotic the Ulu Masen forest this region. This is evidenced by the biodiversity found in nature. Ranging from orchids of diverse colors and types, coupled with other floras are appealing for anyone who visited.

Moving on from the peak Kemiki, we headed down to the lake Kemiki. Path leading to the lake Kemiki footprints found many wild elephants are often called Poemeurah in many places.

Kemiki lake has an area of ​​about 3 hectares. Dominated by grass and flanked either side by mountains with a quiet ripple of water. Terbesit in our minds, it would be nice if the place was used as a tourist attraction.