Out the safe zone and challenging adrenaline sometimes be an attraction of the traveler. Some of these destinations so the most dangerous place in the Tour the world. Security to be number two.

When ordinary tourist boring, maybe it's time to try an unusual traveling. There are 4 Tour the most danger in the world, reported by news.com.au, Thursday (13/06/2013), which could be a reference:

1. A tour of the plant cocaine in Colombia

For years, Colombia struggling with a drug problem in the country. Now, things may once considered shameful even be a tourist magnet. Only USD 9 (USD 90 thousand) participants tourists can walk around the factory manufacture of cocaine.

Area is located along the Caribbean coast to La Ciudad Perdida. Lost City area this so called drug manufacturing warehouse. By using small trains, the guide will show you where the cocaine plantations, to how the plant process up to the lab.

Tour participants will also be explained in full how the drug manufacturing process until ready for market. But no one should keep in mind, this tour illegal. Anyone who caught browsing or together with drug makers could be arrested.

2. Mining with dynamite explosions tour in Bolivia

Take a tour to the mining already takes guts just great, well mine is still active or has been unused. In Bolivia, there is a tour that offers the sensation of dynamite explosions. Try only to take a tour of the Silver Mines of Potosi in Bolivia.

It is a silver mining is still active. Before entering, tour participants are asked to buy something for the miners. Souvenir items for attendees mine alone is strange. The options include leaf cocaine, alcohol, juice, or dynamite.

What are the dynamite? This is the heart of this tourist mining tour. If nobody buys dynamite, so that thing detonated inside. Terrible? Exciting? May all be one.

The guide and the workers have to make sure this explosion will not hurt anybody. The participants were asked to retreat to a safe distance, and bam! Preparing to sound and shock of the blast.

3. Bungee jumping into a river full of crocodiles in Zambia

This is one tour that can be challenging lives. Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls Bridge to the Zambezi River basis can drain your adrenaline. How not, this sport requires you to jump from a height of 111 meters!

One of the tour operators who perform bungee jumping just had an accident in December last year. One of the central tourist bungee jumping in there, and suddenly the rope apart. The problem is, the river was inhabited by a lot of crocodile.

With feet still tied, the Australian woman tourist swept away and crashed into the rocks there on the river. Fortunately he was able to survive on a rock and waited for help to come. Dare to try?

4. Tours to Pusher Street, Denmark

There are exciting in Denmark, precisely on Pusher Street, Christiania. Christiania area was made in 1971 when a group of people trying to get into a military barracks in Badmandsgade. Several years later, the area was alive and called Pusher Street.

This is the area where people live freely, and you can buy at the drug store there along the way. According to the Copenhagen police, the area controlled by organized criminal groups. The people there also have strict rules that must be adhered to anyone that goes there.

Everyone there is forbidden to take pictures, not run, and did not call. There is a warning on the road that reads "Please dont run-it makes us think the police are coming" or that means, please do not run because it makes us think there are cops came.

If there is a violation, the residents did not hesitate to threaten, attack or rob the people. Visitors can travel to this place every day at 15:00 local time every day in the summer (June 26 to August 31). Or every weekend except during the summer. Get in here, you are required to pay $ 7 or Rp 70 thousand.