There is a unique plant that travelers can see when traveling to South America. Slightly curved shape of its leaves. Actually usual, but the red color was there makes it unique, much like a blushing sexy thick lips.

Psychotria elatra, that's the name of this unique plant. The shape is unusual always attracts every eye could see, especially this plant better known in mainland South America and the rest of Central America.

If you're curious, a traveler can come to Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, or Ecuador. But, they live in the woods, so prepare yourself go into the jungle and discover the beauty of the plant through a sweet kiss.

On closer inspection, P. elatra has 2 leaves that curved. The arches lead to a small cavity. Because red blush, the leaves just like lips.

But it was not all the leaves have a shape like this. Only the leaves are close to the flowers are shaped like this. Curvature of the leaves would make a small cavity where flowers come out.

Peek of The Luxury Spot, Friday (06/14/2013) was so similarity with her ​​lips, people call this plant as "Hooker's Lips". Indeed rosy lips and chapped, much like a thick sexy lady lips.

But the traveler can not always see P. elatra like this. Their leaf shape just as beautiful as the flowers will be issued.