Traveling while challenging adrenaline identical to the men's favorite activities. Well, one of the guys traveling really, it could be is a trip to outer space. Bold?

Psychologist of Personal Growth, Ruth Abraham, Friday (06/07/2013) says activities under challenging guy really is adrenaline. The bigger the challenge, the more masculine invisibility. One activity that requires great courage is traveling into space. Why so?

"Because they have to get out of the Earth, this is something really radical," said Ruth.

This is very challenging adrenaline activities in which you have to leave the Earth, a place that has been trampled and a place to live. Boldly into the unknown outside area at all and dare to take risks.

"Second, because these activities are not commonly done many," said Ruth.

According to Ruth, the risks taken considerable time traveling into space. You could say, they are brave traveling abroad are brave, courageous risk your life. Ruth went on, the greater the risk, the greater the adrenaline that is in that activity.

Dare to take the challenge out of the earth is a decision that not everyone can take. It took great courage and guts to do this one activity.

However, the equivalent of a high risk, excitement obtained will also be much larger than other activities. Well, the more clear how outer space adventure is something that guys really!