Wali Songo leave a soothing story but also interesting. Such Tiban Mosque in East Java, which is said to be built overnight.

Sunan Ampel mosque in East Java legacy not only in the Ampel. Yellow Flower in Jalan Surabaya is also a mosque built by Sunan Ampel, namely Masjid Tiban. Now the mosque is so interesting religious destinations than Ampel Mosque.

The history of the spread of Islam in Surabaya still leave a trail. Mainly due to the participation of Raden Rahmat or known by the name of Sunan Ampel.

One of nine trustees have many trail in Surabaya. One is in the area of ​​Jalan Rahmat Mosque Yellow Flower, Surabaya.

Not many people know, that the forerunner of the magnificent mosque Grace turns was once a small cottage. Even more resembles a small hut made of bamboo mosque.

Prior to founding Masjid Ampel Surabaya, Raden Rahmat been known to set up a small Breached Surabaya in Central Yellow Flower.

The break has now turned into a large mosque known as Masjid Rahmat Surabaya. Small break it was built by Raden Rahmat when Majapahit kingdom led by King Brawijaya V.

Violate that time he built as a center of Islamic symbols in the Yellow Flower. That said, Breached Rahmat who first founded by Sunan Ampel.

From year to year the first Breached Rahmat made of bamboo booths were experiencing the restoration of the mosque and used. This small mosque stood around the 1950s. While the current building was built in 1963 and stood until now.

Yellow Flower Rahmat Mosque is the oldest mosque has unique or characteristic that is not shared by other mosques.

Rahmat Masjid Qibla or direction of prayer has the right to direct the Grand Mosque or the right towards the temple of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Back when there was a polemic in determining the direction of Qibla Masjid Rahmat Yellow Flower. But suddenly there was a shift in the pengimaman and then was measured.

From the measurements taken, a team of government was surprised, because it fits with the Mecca mosque mihrab. There is no shift at all.

Not only the government's measurement was astonishing. When mihrab mosque was measured with more sophisticated technology, the shift is also not visible in one of the heritage mosque member's Wali Songo.

In addition to the straight Qibla direction parallel to the Kaaba, Masjid Rahmat also be a time of prayer benchmark for other mosques in Surabaya and surrounding areas.

According to the Book Pengging Teracah, King Brawijaya (ruler of Majapahit) gives the area to Samputoalang or Raden Ahmad Rahmatullah (real name Sunan Ampel). The aim is to spread Islam in the northern part of Majapahit power ground.

On the way to spread Islam in the northern region, accompanied by several followers of Sunan Ampel. Some of them are loyal followers named Ki Wirosaroyo. Previous Wirosaroyo ki Hindu.

Incidentally he had a daughter named Karimah which then dipersunting Sunan Ampel. The result of this marriage, the couple was blessed with two daughters, namely Siti Mustosima and Sitia Murtosiah.

Then Sunan Ampel's two daughters, Siti Dewi Mustosima or Mursimah, married Kalidjaga Sunan, while Siti Dewi Murtosiah or also called Sunan Giri Murtasiah married.

Arriving in Surabaya in Kademangan Cemoro Sewu, Sunan Ampel first build a place of worship. Places of worship established Sunan Ampel with this Wirosaroyo Ki-shaped small mosque.

Supposedly violated or prayer room was built only takes overnight. In the neighborhood mosque building lots of yellow flowers grow.

So that in the morning the community was shocked by the existence of the mosque. So people around then call Breached Tiban (Violate Yellow Flower).

This mosque has been renovated into Rahmat Mosque. A total renovation intended for fear of cult that feared would lead to deeds envious.

After that, Sunan Ampel proceeded to spread Islam in the region of North Surabaya. There was also building a place of worship in the village Penilih Surabaya.

After that then build Dento Ampel mosque known as Masjid Ampel as it is today.

For you or the traveler who wants to visit this mosque when using public transport from several main inter-city bus terminal, Bungurasih. You can ride the city bus or Tugu Pahlawan Blauran majors.

Or if from Terminal Joyoboyo, traveler can ride public transportation Pasar Turi lyn D department. Bus and public transportation will pass through Jalan Diponegoro Surabaya.

Raya Jalan Diponegoro location of the mosque Grace is approximately 200 meters. While the tomb Karimah and Ki Wirosaroyo Yellow Flower is in the area which is not far from the Yellow Flower Rahmat Mosque Surabaya.