Quebec - The more clear a lake, the more we could see far into it. Meteor lakes in Canada to be one of the clearest in the world. Travelers could see up to 35 feet below the surface!

Talk about crystal clear lakes, what comes to your mind? A blue lake with a surface of the glass tub, so clear to the point that your eyes can follow the movement of animals underneath.

Several countries in the world have a super crystal clear lake. Blue Lake in New Zealand for example, is well known as one of the clearest. But Canada also has a super clear lake, which is unique, is the result of a meteor impact on Earth.

Quoted from the NASA site, Friday (14/06/2013), Pingualuit Meteor Crater appears due to hit 1.4 million years ago. It is very remote Ungava Peninsula, north of Quebec. Crew United States Army Air Force found the lake in 1943. It took 5 years to complete the expedition.

The lake is almost perfectly round shape. Diameter of 3.44 km and a depth of 267 meters. Since there is no flow of water from anywhere, Crater Pingualuit very clear. Salinity less than 3 ppm, indicating that Pingualuit Crater is one of the clearest lakes in the world.

Just imagine, taveler could see through the surface as far as 35 meters. Because in the desert landscape with cold air, single-celled algae are the main inhabitants of this lake. Curious?