Vienna - Who said traveling was limited on the earth? You have a great sense of adventure should try a new style of traveling, ie into space. Specialized travel agents holiday into space was available, Space Adventure name.

Space Adventure is actually the same as a travel agency in general. However, what distinguishes it from the others is the destination tourist destinations.

If other travel agencies provide packages for traveling to tourist areas in the world, not with Space Adventure. The company is specialized fly tourists who want to travel into space.

Based in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Space Adventure has been around since 1998. With come directly and register here, it means you are ready to wade new adventure, ie in space.

But it turned out to be traveled into space, there are some preparations that must be followed. Dilongok from the official website Space Adventure, Travelers are asked to follow some training before launching into space.

Some of the training that can be followed, among others, adaptation in the anti-gravity and exercise walk in space. Not only that, you also will be introduced by a special plane to fly into space.

In the special training, you will be taught by professional experts to really understand. Once proficient, then fulfilling their tourists can tour space travel.

Despite having graduated in training, does not mean you will go alone. Just like other travel agents, tour guides will accompany each trip.

Adventure in Space, you will be escorted to the plane and space with super advanced equipment, complete with an astronaut. Not just any, astronauts who will accompany this trip is a great professional.

Once in space, you will be invited to witness some amazing scenery, which certainly had never seen. Imagine, what a thrill to move freely in space without gravity plane and witness the beauty of the earth from the moon or outer space.

Did not dare to go into space? No problem, you can still imagine the thrill of a walk into space through an existing simulator at Space Adventure.

One of them is a simulator Zero Gravity Flights. This is the place where you can feel how the thrill of being in a place without gravity. Let your body float freely there.

Those interested can visited the office of Space Adventures of Vienna, Virginia, USA. Because the goal destination is an unusual place, this trip is definitely going to spend your very deep. Travelers are required to pay money ranging from $ 20 million (USD 193.5 billion).