East Java has a lot of potential for tourism, ranging from nature, culinary, pilgrimage tours, to shopping. Tourists also flock to it, not to mention tourists from Malaysia.

"The Malaysian Tourists loads are to Java. Figure increased steadily each year," said Head of Culture and Tourism of East Java Province, Dr H Jarianto, during a press conference after the opening of the East Java Direct Promotion and Beyond at Hotel Novotel Batam, Friday (7 / 6/2013).

Until April of this year, up Jarianto, tourists visit Malaysia to East Java, about 18 thousand foreign tourists. The figure rose 17.5% from the same period last year. They traveled culinary, shopping, until the pilgrimage.

"Gus Dur's tomb really crowded, visited by 500 thousand - 1 million people per year," added Jarianto.

Department of Culture and Tourism of East Java targeting 10% increase in the number of foreign tourists each year. Of 235 thousand foreign tourists last year, to 260 thousand foreign tourists this year.

"Five most was Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Japan," he said.