Yogyakarta - Travelers who are located in the city of Yogyakarta today can witness the unique parade welcomes 66th anniversary of Yogyakarta city government. There Carnival Gebyar Traditional Market which carries a variety of merchandise attractive market. 

This parade was held Market Management Office (Dinlopas) Yogyakarta. Procession followed by thousands of people from 49 market traders association in the city of Yogyakarta. 

Carnival begins Friday (07/06/2013) at around 13:30 pm from the front to the Beringharjo Home Office in Yogyakarta Mayor Ipda Tut Harsono Timoho street, Yogyakarta. All merchants association brings a wide range of souvenirs or offering made to the Mayor Haryadi Suyuti. 

When the procession took place not only traders fruits or vegetables are to bring gifts for the offerings. But also the traders clothing, souvenirs also bring gifts given to the municipal government of Yogyakarta. The merchants there on foot and some are carriage rides, horse cart. While the mountains are made of vegetables, fruits and various suvernir transported using four wheel drive vehicles. 

Most members of the merchants association will bring many mountains are filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables. But there is also a cloth merchant associations, clothing, shoes / sandals in los Metro section Beringharjo who brought the mountain that contains a variety of apparel / cloth batik. 

One by one trader taking the stage to where Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti Tri Kirana Muslidatun accompanied by his wife to give offerings. The most unique is Karangkajen Tela market traders, in addition to bringing bringing merchandise such as cassava, they also carry a variety of foods made from cassava. 

Similarly, the association Pathuk Markets also bring offerings of food typical souvenirs of Bakpia Pathuk. They also show Barongsai arts attractions. 

The mountains will be filled with a variety of merchandise. The mountains also will be contested the people of Yogyakarta. Carnival is an annual event held Dinlopas city of Yogyakarta. 

"This event is the third time. Hopefully it could attract tourists who are visiting Yogyakarta thereby increasing sales turnover in traditional markets," said Head of Market Management (Dinlopas) Yogyakarta, Suyana told reporters on the sidelines of the procession. 

He hoped traditional markets that exist in the entire city of Yogyakarta could still exist so that the increasingly prosperous merchant. Traditional Market in Gebyar committee also also provides lots of lottery for visitors who shop at the market.