San Francisco - Asiana Airlines plane crash realize how the plane crash happened suddenly, even when it all feels fine. For that, you have to really understand how to save themselves from the plane.

Conde Nast Traveler as seen on Monday (15/07/2013) and U.S. aviation experts interviewed survivors of a plane crash. They then collect 10 ways you can do to save themselves from the plane:

1. Listen carefully landing flight attendant

Before flying, flight attendants will provide flight safety instructions. Listen carefully, do not be deep in conversation. Do not take for granted because you've heard and seen pointing an earlier flight safety. Read also the flight safety card in your seat.

2. Count towards the emergency exit row seats

Keep that in mind, where the nearest emergency exits from your sitting position. Calculate how many rows of seats towards the emergency exit. In a real evacuation, you have to think fast. When later the emergency door jam, you already know the emergency door on the other side of the plane.

3. Demonstrate impact position

Impact position should not only see-saw picture only in the safety instructions card. Try demonstrate impact position in the image. No time to look at the safety card that actually occurred in the collision plane.

4. Leave valuables

Make sure the important stuff is already in your wallet before flying, namely ID, cash, credit cards and other important ID cards. Other documents such as passports or traveling bag is in the usual travel pouch wrapped in the body.

The rest, leave when an evacuation plane! Although the laptop contains important documents or other expensive item, your life is more important.

5. There is smoke, get down!

If there is smoke in the air like a case of Asiana Airlines, walk ducking. Humbled head position, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or other cloth.

6. Do not wear clothes made of synthetic

Do not wear synthetic clothes while flying the plane. Clothes made of cotton, wool, denim and even leather further protect your skin from the heat.

7. Do not wear tight clothes and short skirts

Leotards and skirts may make you look sexy. But in the evacuation of the aircraft, these clothes can hamper your movement. Wear long shirts and trousers.

8. Do not wear sandals and high heels

Wear shoes with no rights, or low heels when flying an airplane. Sandals do not protect your feet from the fire and high heels will complicate the process of evacuation, as well as balloons can tear the rubber in the emergency exit slide.

9. Jump right in rubber slides

Emergency exit inflatable slides so passengers had to get out quickly without stairs. Jumping right. Jump in the middle of the slide, hands folded on his chest, legs pressed together. Do not sit down, because you will fall more slowly.

10. Do not wear stockings

Do not wear stockings. When sliding out the door in an emergency, friction slides with stocking will make the skin blisters.