Cape Town - Traveling to dangerous and remote islands in the world could possibly be a challenge for the traveler. Prepare your guts to be able to reach these islands.

Dare you visit the islands this dangerous? From CNN Travel, Monday (15/07/2013) following 7 islands are considered the most dangerous and isolated in the world:

1. Tristan Da Cunha Island, South Africa

The island is located about 2,816 km from South Africa. It is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The most remote islands in the world inhabited teryata. However, when Queen Mary volcano erupted in 1961, the entire population was evacuated to England.

The island does not provide package tours for independent traveler, no hotels, airports and restaurants. All travelers who come there to sail for 5-6 days, 800-1500 UDS costs. Travelers who come there must be clear objectives and have a police permit.

2. Bear Island, Norway

Bjornoya or known Bear Island is the southernmost island of Svalbard, Norway. The distance is about 643 miles off the coast of northern Europe. Since 2002 and has become a nature reserve inhabited.

But hard to believe because there are barren cliffs and risk leakage of radioactive material from a nuclear submarine accident. If you want to land on the island, do flights from Oslo and Tromso to Svalbard Longyerbyen capital, on the west coast of Spitsbergen, Norway. Then sailed explore Bear Island and get a new experience of your holiday.

3. Bouvet Island, Norway

The uninhabited islands claimed by Norway and the distance is about 1,609 km from the Antarctic Ocean. In the winter, so the island is a nature reserve and almost all of the sea ice cliffs covered by glaciers. Unusually cold!

You have to get special permission from the local government to reach this island. The island has no harbor, just off the coast. Thus, it is difficult visited. You can just enjoy using helicopters.

4. Bishop Rock Island, England

Bishop Rock Island is the smallest island in the world record. Bishop Rock Island is located in the Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom. Have a high lighthouse building 49 feet above the waters stood firm. An engineer building the lighthouse in 1847 but lost in a storm. When in 1858, the lighthouse was restyled and can stand up now.

Travelers can ride to the top of the lighthouse with a variety of rooms contained in the lighthouse. You should visit a starting point toward the southwest in the UK. You can use a boat to explore the island of St Mary's for days on the Isles of Scilly,

5. Boreray Island, Scotland

The island is situated on the islands of St Kilda, North Atlantic. Boreray is the smallest island of some Scottish island that has more than a thousand foot peaks. The island inhabitants abandoned in 1930 due to crop failure.

Boreray island belonging to 5 world heritage sites in Scotland in 1986. There are more than 130 different varieties of flowering plants. The island is also a sheep habitat and is home to sea birds.

6. North Sentinel Island, Myanmar

North Sentinel Island is about 643 km from Myanmar, located in the Bay of Bengal. Including one of the islands that make up the Andaman chain of 572 islands in the Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by coral reefs which are very dangerous.

The island is inhabited by indigenous Sentinel which numbered about 400 souls. But they refused to touch the world of modern civilization or communicating with strangers. Been told there are two fishermen who were killed by indigenous Sentinel when they tried to sail close to the island.

7. Rockall Island, England

Is a small island is uninhabited and remote northern Atlantic Ocean. Rockall Island means island rocks. In the 20th century the island was becoming a particular concern of the fishermen as fit as a fishing spot.

The existence of this island is still being disputed many countries. To reach the island, you can use the ship Kilda and organize your departure from the far-away days. However, you are not the first to reach this island.