Perth - The deserts are apparently not identical with the Middle East region. State of Western Australia also has a desert. In fact, white sand! Travelers can explore the desert by car.

White Desert is located in Lancelin Lancelin Beach, about 3 hours drive from Perth, Australia. 3 hour trip to get there was not boring, because the left and right sebalah tourist cars going through the savanna, vineyards, some cattle and horses. We visited this place a few weeks ago.

Almost all tourists who visit Lancelin hire a specialized bus that has a 4x4 machine. Every person charged AUD 120 (USD 1.09 million) per person per day and there are also other packages. Fill as many as 30 bus itself, nothing more than that.

There are several attractions so cool that I passed out Perth City to the north. There Caversham Wildlife Park, which not only serves as a zoo, but also breeding kangaroos, koalas, wombats and some species of birds.

After 1-2 hours in Caversham, we continue towards the Pinnacle Desert which takes about 1.5 hours of Caversham. Pinnacles Desert is a desert peppered with limestone pillars are mysterious yellowish and brown. When the morning and afternoon, pillars of this reef will look more beautiful with the sun's shadow.

Finally, we arrived at our main destination White Lancelin Desert. So approaching this area, you do not be surprised when the bus driver mengempeskan all the tires. Nearly a quarter of the tire removed, almost flat.

Usefulness of the deflated tire turned out to support the weight of the bus load in order not to disappear into the cool white sand. Once inside, a stretch of desert looked here and there to form small hills.

Start our adventure. The bus driver spur vehicle up and down at high speed. It was like riding a roller coaster at the amusement park.

Inevitably, the expertise of the driver bring the vehicle dip, uphill and downhill wowed visitors in it. In fact, the occasional bus pulled tight up the hill, so down is stopped in the middle.

"Woooowwww ...!" All the passengers screaming, no fear or even laugh out loud.