Sarangan is the right location for hunters sunrise. Located at the foot of Mount Lawu, Magetan, East Java, you will get a beautiful sunrise photo background lakes and hills.

Sarangan lake located in Magetan, East Java, directly adjacent to the province of Central Java. Mountains and hills in the eastern Lawu, so very beautiful panorama sunrise time. These images are, for example, was taken from the court Sarangan Hotel. This is one of the oldest hotels in the area Sarangan.

Sarangan lake is one of the potential and attraction visited by tourists, especially on holidays. There is a lake as the main attraction, and as a place Lawu adventure tourism. You can take a boat around the lake, or hiking and riding in the valley of the foothills of Mount Lawu. Sarangan can be reached from the Madiun through Magetan, or from Solo to Tawangmangu.