Blue ocean lay in front of the eyes. Like untouched, no trash or dirt tarnished its beauty. Prepare to be hypnotized because this Maratua, rival Raja Ampat.

Maratua is one of the islands in Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. Its beauty has been celebrated across the world. Yes, this island is known to have a nature that is still clean and of course beautiful.

Could set foot on this island is one of my dreams since the first. Not unexpectedly, the opportunity finally came.

Some time ago, we were invited to a series of events Derawan Festival 2013. After coverage of events, me and the group took the time to play to Maratua.

Happy and curious flavor mixed into one. Departed from Tanjung Batu, Berau, my entourage and speedboat ride to the island Maratua.

Of Port of Tanjung Batu headed Maratua, estimated time of about 1 hour. Quite far indeed, but if spent enjoying the natural surroundings, this time will not be felt.

During the trip, you will be presented with a beautiful natural scenery. Starting from the blue sea, the birds fly, up to clean sky with white clouds. Gorgeous!

In my opinion, the coolest way to enjoy the trip was to head out to the window. Let the sea breeze gently caressing the cheek to not Terada ship has arrived at the dock Maratua.

So excited I wanted to set foot into Maratua. Feet slowly stepped out of the boat. Not yet reached the dock, the eyes immediately captivated, breathing stops momentarily. Maratua amazed by the beauty.

"Good Heavens really good. Nope lost to Raja Ampat" shouted one of my friends.

It is true, incised Maratua undeniable natural beauty. Marine blue looks so perfect with colorful fish swimming busy. White sand beach and sea birds fluttering Maratua enhance natural beauty.

Satisfied with the nature of the ship, my legs finally set foot on the pier. There seen writing Maratua Paradise Resort. Apparently, this island resort is managed by the same name with the island.

Structuring resort like villas on the sea, adds beauty Maratua. Do not want to waste time, I just pull out the camera and record it in the camera lens shots.

"The atmosphere is so awful, so romantic, good for a honeymoon," quipped one of my friends, Ayu.

But alas, it was not Maratua ideal spot for snorkeling. But, the traveler who came to enjoy the beauty of the sea with diving.

Although I can not dive because of time constraints, I use the time to walk around the island while admiring the natural beauty Maratua. It does not seem an exaggeration to say Maratua scratch is one of God's most perfect hand.

Comes down to it, then be prepared out of words because of hypnotic beauty.