Come up with a burning passion, the team visited the Gulf Kiluan, which was 4 hours away from the city of Bandar Lampung. These waters is one of the migration paths bottle nose dolphins that he always appears in the hundreds or even thousands. But unfortunately, this time the team was unlucky because the more days of the colony is indeed more difficult to find.

But no more, no less attractive than the dolphin, which is the effort to create new coral gardens are destroyed by fish bombing. Capitalized dead coral fragments and cement white, young corals were already popping up after one year.

Kiluan Gulf waters is breathtaking, wealth will be lovely animals that hide in the garden koralnya can not be ignored. With a free dive or spearfishing techniques we can simply enjoy the fresh sea products without damaging their habitat. Yep, this time the team was lucky to taste the famous parrot fish that thick meat.

There is one more ya, unique food in the Bay Kiluan, tembikil name. Sea creature named latin Chiton sp is attached to the rocks of life.