Sumba natural landscape that has a savanna hills with vast acres of the strongest proponents of the typical Sumba livestock systems, livestock systems which are free.

Cattle on the plains of the famous Sumba has a very aggressive nature, they live in groups in the savanna hills to forage hay. Hence the transport activity of animals into exciting sight to behold. There are hundreds of cattle to be sent via the dock in the city Waingapu.

A large number of cattle in the island of Sumba make communities use it as a source of biogas. Increasingly rentanya earth, alternative energy sources is an option for remote residents. Biogas is produced from the fermentation process animal waste and other organic materials are transformed into methane gas which is flammable. While the waste that has been unused biogas can be used as organic fertilizer for plants.

There's more interesting than the island of Sumba, which is endemic to the form Bayan Nuri. Unfortunately, trappers and forest encroachers to be a threat to the population of this beautiful bird.