The roads to the official residence of the governor's probably going to be a memorable experience. Moreover, if you visited the Home Office of the Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo. The inside is very beautiful and cool. Let's find out!

First entered into the official residence of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, so it is rare for ordinary people like me. But, an opportunity that changed when Joko Widodo or commonly called Jokowi become the number one in Jakarta.

Some time ago, Jokowi the newly sworn in as Governor of DKI Jakarta held an open house for his old friends are still sitting on the bench during junior high. The event was a reunion event and reunion SMP aims to give support to Jokowi in Jakarta.

I happened to attend the same junior high school with Jokowi. My mother was a classmate at the moment Jokowi SMPN1 Surakarta. As a result, I was invited to the open house event.

Jakarta governor's official residence is located near Suropati Park, Central Jakarta. Her house was very comfortable with a green roof and a trapezoid-shaped building square. The first feeling I felt in this house is cool and friendly.

Cool, because the atmosphere is very beautiful with spacious gardens and shady trees growing around the house. Friendly, because it does not seem too excessive security for the invited guests.

Arriving in front of the home office, we were asked to sign the guest book and served by friendly aides Jokowi. Impression 'pakewuh' (discomfort-ed) officials visited the house with all the rigorous checks were missing.

At the very front of the home office, there are two terraces as reception areas. A roof terrace and a semicircular terrace with a large glass and can instantly view and the street view Suropati Park. In this room there is also a dark-colored sofa, a fan and a TV.

After filling the guest book, we went into the middle of this two-story house. Living room is already prepared to entertain invited guests such vast hall, with a few seats and carpet golden brown. In the living room there are several rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, den governor, and a stairway leading to the second floor.

After a welcome and discussion sessions with Jokowi, we were treated to traditional foods such as pecel Solo, Soto, rice liwet, Cabuk rambak, and others. After eating, I was curious to see what the garden behind the governor's official residence.

It turned out very spacious garden with a fish pond, a variety of plants and flowers, bird nests and small houses that seem to function as a barn or house keeper. The park is very indulgent eye as neatly groomed and cool with a calm atmosphere and fresh air. Not surprisingly, the governor's office was designed directly overlooking the beautiful garden.

Dutch architectural mid-20th century it was still the original shape, with a relatively modest furnishings. Jokowi addition, some officials who had lived in the official residence of the Mayor of Suwirjo, Syamsurijal, Sudiro, Governor Sumarno, Henk Ngantung, Wiyogo Atmodarminto, Sutiyoso and Fauzi Bowo.