Quindio - 'Palma de Cera' aka Wax Palms is the national tree of Colombia, as well as the world's tallest palm species. Travelers can feel stand out among hundreds of palm is the highest in the Valley Cocora.

Named 'wax palms' as the tree trunks covered with wax. This palm tree can grow up to 50 feet, towering into the sky. There is one place to see hundreds of 'wax palms' as well, which is in the Valley Cocora.

From Amusing Planet, Friday (19/07/2013), located in the Valley Cocora Quindio region. It is located in northwestern Colombia, altitude 1800-2400 masl. This valley is located exactly on the banks of Quindio River.

Cocora valley is the entrance to the Los Nevados National Park. The park spans an area of ​​60 thousand square kilometers, occupying 4 different regions in Colombia. Due to its high altitude, Valley Cocora often shrouded in mist.

That is why it is in the Valley Cocora like go to another country. Palm trees towered, within one another. Green landscape unfolding before the eyes, shape of hills, covered by thick fog. The air here is also very cool, travelers should bring thick jackets and scarves.

'Wax palms' can live up to 120 years. The leaves are dark green, gray stems and bright waxed. Back before there was electricity, wax is commonly used by local communities to make soap and candles. The outside of the trunk of this tree is used for house foundations. The fruit is so pigs and cattle.

There is a tradition that lasted here for centuries. First, Christians are often cutting edge palm tree to celebrate Palm Sunday. But finally in 1985, the Colombian government banned the cutting of palm trees. Since then, tourists can see and touch these trees in the Valley Cocora.