Anambas leading one of the islands in the Indonesian archipelago lined. What life is like there, let's look at!

Enjoy the beautiful tropical island in asia Anambas with Vika Fitriyana. Not complete if you do not look directly at the Indonesian border security forces there. Let's look at!

Be crossed state lines make the Pacific Ring of Fire Indonesia has a wealth of extraordinary nature. With waters covering 93 thousand square kilometers and the length of the beach about 81 thousand square kilometers, of course entail extra hard effort to keep one of them in the border region Anambas.

Anambas is a maritime county that borders the country of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Because of its strategic location, the islands are targeted to a region with rapid economic growth, with the largest oil and gas reserves in Indonesia.

Before the advent of regional autonomy, the islands of the border is like a stepchild. Though the name of the island below in Anambas with characteristic bluish lagoon has been the target of foreign tourists to anchor anchors.
Unfortunately, of the many foreign tourists who visited Anambas, they entered through the border states use liveboard ships. Limitations of transportation to Anambas large hamper the progress of regional tourism.

Anambas always an easy target illegal fishing activities of foreign fishing. Each year hundreds of foreign fishing vessels in marine fish looting Anambas and Natuna. The foreign fishermen not only have violated the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, but also has hurt the economy and destroy nature with fishing methods are not environmentally friendly.

Seeing foreign fishing crew roam the city Tarempa not a strange sight indeed. The slow process of deportation for their return to their home countries to make them blend into one with the townspeople. In fact, not infrequently because of problems citizenship document in the end they chose to live in Indonesia.

We also get a closer look KRI tTiptadi, a Navy warship into Parchim class corvette type vessel. This ship has the main function as a destroyer of surface ships and submarines hunters. The ship was bought from Germany along with 39 other boats in 1993.

However, to measure the force map of a country not only of the number of aircraft or ship combatants only. Mix of weapons systems, force fleet, logistics and base support, financial support, geographical conditions and human resources into a single unit that can not be separated.