Paris - As a traveler visited many countries, France has some problems, ranging from pickpockets to local people who are not friendly. But now France promised to be more friendly to tourists.

From, Friday (19/07/2013), France has long had a bad reputation, especially in terms of communication in English. French language barriers make it difficult for a little visit. However, although the waiters and shop owners in France are not friendly, more tourists visit France than any other country in the world.

"The problem is in France, employment in tourism is not appreciated. Services we equate with slavery," said Didier Arino, a director of consulting firm Protourisme tourism.

After years of winning with an amazing reputation attractions, as well as its world-class food, France began to talk about tourism as an economic benefit. This is a major change in a country that has long favored proud traveler, without having to serve.

With tourism attraction of Paris, Alpine ski area and several luxury resorts Mediterranean, France has become the most visited country. Statistical data from the World Bank, showed as much as 83 million foreign tourists visited France in 2012.

But it turns out France is not in first place most visited country by foreign tourists. France is third, after the United States and Spain for several years. French Socialist government has pledged to change it.

"I wanted to make France a number 1," said Tourism Minister Sylvia Pinel told reporters last year, after the new government took control and set priorities. Improve French hospitality is one of them.

Pinel did not hesitate to link the cultural and commercial. He said tourism is a lever for growth and employment, and France desperately need both of these things.

Generally, tourists only spend a short time in France. Europeans visited Paris only on weekends. While travelers from more distant localities, combine a visit with some other European capitals.

Pinel said one way that tourists spend more money and time in France, is to invite the regions in France to work together.

"Our particular difficulty is that the countries visited, mainly just the area around the capital and Paris. Tourists Us difficult to resist for a long time in other areas." Pinel said.

The government also saw the area or areas in France are competing for international promotion. But the goal is to bring together several areas of cooperation were promoted. So that they can all benefit by tourists who stay longer.