El Peru-Waka - Like Maya is full of mystery. You can find new clues about the lives of the tribe when it comes to Guatemala. In a supposedly told monument, there is the queen of snakes that live in the future. Who is she?

The monument was discovered by an archaeologist when creating a tunnel under the ancient Mayan temple city, at El Peru-Waka, northern Guatemala. In the monument, traveler can see there carved hieroglyphic texts detailing the life of a princess in the sixth century.

Princess is also known as the Queen Snake, Lady Ikoom name. Various stories about this woman's life was clearly written in this monument.

"The stone monument known as El Peru Stela 44 is providing a lot of new information about the Mayan dark," said Director of Research as well as professional anthropologists in Arts & Sciences University of Washington, David Freidel.

This information, further Fredel, including the name of two rulers in Maya previously unknown. Not only that, the political conditions of that time was also written, including the matter of political legacy.

"Narrative in Stela 44 devious than other types normally found," said Fredel told news.com.au, Friday (19/07/2013).

According Fredel, new information in the text gives a new chapter in the history of the ancient Maya. Arekeolog also said that a epigrapher, Stanley Genter, who managed to break the text, believing that Stela 44 was made about 1,450 years ago.

After standing for 100 years, Stela 44 was moved over perintas a king. Then used as offerings in new construction at El Peru-Waka main temple, about 700 years after AD.

El Peru-Waka is a city located about 40 miles west of Mayan sites, Tikal exactly near San Pedro Martir river in Laguna del Tigre National Park. In the classical period, the city ordered the kingdom's main trade route that runs north to south and east to west.

Early in March 2013, a principal investigator, Juan Carlos Perez Calderon dig a short tunnel from the temple stairs. The goal is to provide access to another tunnel that leads to the royal tomb was found in 2012. In the excavation that Stela 44 was found.

Of the monument, known Ikoom a queen named Lady, Queen Maya Snake. The researchers believe that Lady Ikoom was one of two daughters Dynasty Snake is sent into an arranged marriage.

He believed betrothed to the ruler of El Peru-Waka Maya and other nearby cities. The goal is to strengthen control over the region Dynasty Snake Northern Guatemala.

Lady Ikoom is one of the most influential queen in the classic Maya civilization, precisely in the seventh century. He is known as the Snake Goddess Maya, or Lady K'abel that ruled El Peru-Waka for more than 20 years.

Lady Ikoom has a husband named King K'inich Bahlam II. He was military governor of the Kingdom of Wak kingdom, the empire of King Snake.

It turns out Lady Ikoom the title "Kaloomte," translated as "Supreme Warrior" higher in authority than her husband as king. Curious to see for themselves how the complete story of the Serpent Queen, come to the site El Peru-Waka.