Indeed, not all museum exhibiting original items. However, if the items on display are not genuine, there must be a caption. Jibaozhai museum in China accused of exhibiting fake goods. Duh!

Museum Jibaozhai in Jizhou, China has 12 exhibition hall contains artifacts according to their unique and valuable. However, problems are tripping this museum. From, Friday (19/07/2013), which reportedly has 4,000 museum exhibits is accused of exhibiting fake goods.

According to the local newspaper Shanghai Daily, there are goods that claimed 4,000 years old. In fact it turns out, the object is derived from the 20th century that has been modified in such a way to make it look old and antiquated.

There are also five color porcelain that he made ​​in the Tang Dynasty. In fact, the colors 5 techniques used hundreds of years after the Tang Dynasty, precisely in the Ming Dynasty. Of the charges incurred, allegedly most objects in the museum only costs about 100 Yuan to 2,000 Yuan.

Although it has received many allegations, Chief Consultant Jibaozhai Museum, Wei Yingjun still defend themselves. Wei revealed, items not originally been given the information as clearly as possible so as not to confuse the visitors.

According to Wei, at least 80 of all of the exhibits already confirmed its authenticity. Not to be outdone defend, Part Jibaozhai Museum Curator, Shao Baoming said that about half of all the exhibits are original goods.