Tourist visiting the temple so one holiday activity that can not be overlooked when in Kyoto, Japan. A variety of beautiful temples waiting for you to discover.

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan before being replaced by Tokyo. Therefore, do not be surprised if in Kyoto a lot of important buildings and historical value to the Japanese civilization. One is the temple.

Temple is a place of Buddhist worship. Unlike in Indonesia where the shrine/temple made ​​of large stones, in Kyoto temples made ​​of wood which can last for hundreds of years.

One of the famous temple is KyuKinkaku-ji Temple is often called the Golden Temple because the color is golden. The temple was built in 1393 and located on the banks of the lake. Surrounding surrounded the park where several springs flowing from the hills. To enter the temple, visitors pay an entrance fee of 400 yen.

The next temple is Temple Kiyumizera and Kyo-o-Ji-Ogokoku built in the 15th century. Temple Kiyumizera red so often also called the Red Temple. While Kyo-o-ogokoku black. To get to the second temple we had to climb to the hill is quite high and quite tiring.

But the sacrifice will pay off with beautiful scenery along the way. In addition, along the way you can shop for jewelry trinkets typical Kyoto and of course the famous Japanese snack mochi.

See the temple you can learn how the Japanese, despite being very modern but still able to maintain their cultural identity and to defend the values ​​that exist in it. Of course this is a positive we can take away and apply in our country.