Of tens of thousands of islands, there is one island in Indonesia famous with no pollution and the police. The island was never empty of foreign tourists visit every day. Gili Trawangan is he who was in Lombok!

Each island in Indonesia have different uniqueness. There are islands that are uninhabited, the island is only occupied by animals, or the island of white sand soil all. If Lombok island which had no air pollution and the police, called Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan in Lombok North became one Burufly entourage visited destination on Tuesday (02/07/2013) then. All the group was curious just about to pull boat on the beach. Like what way the island without pollution and police this?

"In Gili Trawangan, tourists want to relax. They avoid the atmosphere of the city," said the native of Gili Trawangan, Herman told me.

Herman explanation is true. As far as the eye could see, the slightest sight unseen style and atmosphere of the city were jammed full of pollution. None of the motor vehicle in Gili Trawangan, the population was using the bike as everyday transport. I was, more vigorous asked about the origin of Gili Trawangan is no pollution and the police.

"Gili Trawangan was opened to tourists around 1987-1988. When opened, vehicles are banned here," said Herman, who worked as a fisherman, as well as tenant boat for tourists.

Herman said the reason was not bolehnya motor vehicle. According to him, Gili Trawangan is a small island surrounded and can ride a bike around 2 hours. If there is a motor vehicle, certainly the atmosphere was very chaotic, traffic jams, accidents everywhere and crowded by smoke pollution.

"We prioritize comfort here, so that the tourists feel at home. Just ask those islands without pollution and police in Indonesia, I guarantee the answer is definitely Gili Trawangan," said Herman.

Although there were no motor vehicles, tourists can use a bike or ride a vehicle cidomo Lombok. Bicycle rentals ranging from Rp 20 thousand per day. Up Cidomo, just Rp 150 thousand for mobile Gili Trawangan. Cheap is not it?

"We are also no police here, there is only local security. Nevertheless, Gili Trawangan is very safe guaranteed. If there's a thief, he wants to escape to where? Island it's small and we could stay close around the beach," said Herman.

After chatting with Herman, I went on a trip around the Gili Trawangan. Bike rental is very easy to find. Cidomo too many parked on the roadside. To avoid the scorching sun, there are some tourists who take shelter under the shady trees. Relaxed holiday atmosphere, festive, and beautiful coastal scenery is very pronounced in Gili Trawangan.

I do not forget to spend yourself on the edge of a sandy beach Gili Trawangan white and joined the foreign tourists who sunbathe. They are indifferent to my arrival, and vice versa. Although not stay overnight at Gili Trawangan, half a day here alone is enough to be a sweet experience for me.

Time show around 15:00 pm, the air inhaled in Gili Trawangan which still feels fresh. Had crossed his mind, like what the fresh air in Gili Trawangan in the morning?