Led to disastrous tourist attraction. Annexing a crocodile head keeper at a captive who became favorite tourist attractions in Thailand. The tourists were unbelievable shock.

A video posted online shows a terrible incident. Annexing large crocodile head keeper, in a head-to-mouth action include crocodile.

Reporting from News.com, Thursday (25/07/2013) this happens in Samut Prakan, popular tourist destinations in Thailand, on Sunday (21/7) and at 11.00 am.

Victim is Pravit Suebmee (27) a crocodile handler adequately trained. When the crocodile swallow his head, he managed to escape because of his attractive tail to distract the alligator.

Pravit not seriously injured. But, he got the bite marks on the face and neck. The incident was shocking wistawan, including tourists who recorded the incident with his camera.

According Pravit, annexed crocodile when he was entering his head into the mouth of a large reptile. When it accidentally tapped his cheek crocodile.