Almost all beaches in Bali so destination for tourists from all over the holi. But who would have thought, that there is still a secret beach hidden from the tourist crowds, the beach Pandavas.

The secret usually carry a variety of surprises. Perhaps this is the reason we love the secret, either to save or make. Well, this time I will share a secret between me and the island of Bali, the Pandavas Beach.

This is the secret beach in Bali Kutuh Village, South Kuta, Badung. Called Secret Beach (The Secret Beach) probably due to a hidden location in the hills and shrubs. In addition, the beach is also not known by many people as the other beaches in Bali such as Kuta or Sanur.

For you who are bored with the hustle of Kuta Beach, Sanur, and Dreamland, Coast Pandavas could be an attractive option because of net traffic. About access, now have access to a nice beach Pandavas. Roads are well laid out by the local government.

Once there, you will be greeted in the beautiful limestone hills between the two roads leading to the beach. If you love photography, this place is the right choice.

After the beautiful hills will end back stunned to see the blue water and white sand beaches Pandavas. "Woooow!" I cried when I first saw it.

You will not regret a swim at this beach. However, if you just want to look around, there are seaweed farmers can rarely find anywhere else.

Who would have thought one of the best beaches in Bali is a secret beach? I too, initially thought. Please join in this little secret.