Honolulu - nice scenery photos, can be inspiring people to travel. Photographer was willing to do anything for a good photo, even standing on a volcano magma is not a problem.

Because photos, people can walk around the world because of the beauty seduced catches the photographer. A willing photographer and his tripod shoe on fire while taking photos of the volcano in Hawaii.

The man named Kawika Singson, the photographer who wants to get the best photos to the point no matter shoe and tripod already swathed fire. The incident occurred when he took the photo in one of the active volcanoes in the Hawaiian waters.

From the Daily Mail, Tuesday (16/07/2013), Singson admitted, he wanted to get a picture of the earth's core for the best. No wonder it does not matter if the new shoe and tripod are engulfed in flames.

Singson was trying to capture with his camera lit lava. To get maximum results, he should approach the magma. This photographer willing to stand on top of a thin layer of rock beneath the active magma flows.

Because of the heat, according to Singson, he could only stand a few seconds at the top of the stone. Because if not, it will burn. Singson himself would not tell me where he took the photo. He reasoned, did not want anyone in there because it is quite dangerous, and if he tells, might even hurt him. The photographer took photos around the date July 4, 2013.

But apparently, Singson was not the first to set foot on the volcano in the middle of the ocean. Previously, there was also a photographer named Miles Morgan is photographed here with the same theme.

While the second photographer long before this, there is a group of athletes who come to places like this. In fact, they set foot on the top of the volcano while carrying a kayak.