Sydney - definitely hates it when home on vacation from the beach, a towel or cloth to cushion our Bali, full of sand attached. But not to worry, there is a new technology for beach lovers in the form of traveler anti towel sand.

Sandusa name, towel-tech anti-free sand and water. This towel to dry off but not for a picnic blanket or sunbathing on the beach. From the Huffington Post, Tuesday (07/16/2013), this towel is made by the Australian and beach lovers named Baz Brown.

Alas wet and dirty because of the sand to be one of the most annoying things while on holiday at the beach, because that made ​​this kind of technology. Not that the towels will not hit the sand at all, but if there is sand would be very easy to clean.

Besides sand free, it is also waterproof towel. In some parts, there is also a coastal plain moist and unconsciously, you were sunbathing pad wet. Bye annoying things like that. Because this pedestal waterproof alias does not absorb water.

Material include cotton and terry cloth, so that the material really feels like a towel. Well, at the bottom towel, there is a layer of nylon that will limit water and sand so as not to get into a towel. Interested in buying it?