No need to go far away to the U.S. to enjoy Legoland Water Park. Starting in October 2013, travelers can visit the world's largest Legoland Water Park is in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Like what?

September 2012 ago, Legoland Malaysia Resort opened in Johor Bahru. Still in the same complex, Legoland Water Park is planned to be opened right on October 21, 2013.

Reporting from Legoland Malaysia's official website on Tuesday (07/16/2013), this will be the first Legoland Water Park in Asia and the largest in the world. Until now there are only 2 that operates Legoland Water Park, which is in California and Florida, USA.

In an area of ​​300,000 m2, Legoland Water Park will have 20 rides and attractions with more than 70 Lego models. Not only waterslide and pool, the waterpark will have the exciting attractions the whole family can do.

"Build-A-Raft River" for example. Using a soft big Lego blocks, kids can make their own rubber boats. They can then take a boat floating in a pool of homemade and currents.

There is also a "Joker Soaker", where the children cried-calls using a water pistol. Few minutes, the kids will dibanjur by 350 gallons of water!

For children under 5 years old, Duplo themed area has a smaller slide and secure. Various Lego characters will accompany the children to play, ranging from crocodiles, elephants, polar bears up.

In addition to the rides and pools, Legoland Water Park Malaysia also has 2 restaurants and huts for rent. Currently, already 70% completed the construction of the Legoland. Complex Legoland Malaysia will also be inaugurated in early 2014.