Salzburg - About 70 Km from the city of Salzburg, Austria, are towering Mount Hochkogel. Just below it, there is the largest ice caves in the world of Eisriesenwelt. Austrian citizens believe, the ice cave is a gateway to hell.

The name 'Eisriesenwelt' may not be familiar in the ears of Indonesian tourists. In fact, the ice cave in Austria has become one of the dream destinations of foreign tourists. Why not, this is the largest ice cave in the world. Tourists can enter into it.

In addition to admiring the grandeur Eisriesenwelt, there are other reasons travelers stand in line to get into it. Based on the legend of Austria, Eisriesenwelt is a gateway to hell. That is why there was no local citizens who dared to go into it. Until finally, explorer named Anton Posselt explored in 1879.

Quoted from Atlas Obscura, Selsa (07/16/2013), Eisriesenwelt began travelers entered the 1920s. Regardless of the legend, Eisriesenwelt is an awesome cave. A rare phenomenon, the ice formed under lava and limestone mountains.

Temperature in the cold Eisriesenwelt absurdly, tourists should wear several layers of jackets to enter it. Tourists are increasingly flooding the stairs when there is an ice cave that connects directly to the soil surface. Each year at this time there are 200 thousand visitors who visit Eisriesenwelt, although only 1 of 40 Km that can be entered.

To achieve the 'gates of hell' is, Put out about 70 kilometers from the city of Salzburg. Travelers can ride the cable car up Oedl Haus, a traditional cottage in the mountains specially built for tourists.