Pangrango mountain in West Java can be regarded as the favorite mountain Soe Hok Gie. Because, that's where he made a lot of poetry. Climb this mountain valley Mandalawangi while passing, as though trace trail Gie.

Talk about beauty, Gunung Gede (2,958 masl) is more interesting than Mount Pangrango (3,019 masl). Of Mount Gede there are many spots are seen. View of the city of Bogor in height, eruption craters and plains covering 50 acres filled with perennial flower edelweiss on the square Surya Kencana.

However, the charm of Soe Hok Gie make Pangrango be most diligent mountain climb. Gie poems about Mandalawangi creating romance for the women and the kind of role model for male climbers who they want to be like Gie.

Pangrango a living legend, his favorite place 'the protesters', a person who chooses to marginalized rather than surrender to hypocrisy. Pangrango climb into a sort of pilgrimage for fans of GIE is to carry out what his idol first.

At least that's what I observed when climbing Pangrango mid-April. Faces adorned with the spirit filling the stalls there in around Cibodas. Thick jacket hanging on the shoulders of the carrier plus the rolled mat draped over the edge of the carrier.

This style climbers incredible beautiful. Not inferior to the professional climbers that we often see on television. Cm movie euphoria '5 'has raised the level of the mountain into some more cool than the previous level.

I, myself, joined the climbers is not because they want to make the summit as a display picture to adorn your smartphone or social networking page. More to the magnet Gie highly adored Mandalawangi and Pangrango. Which raised curiosity, how incredible Mandalawangi and Pangrango?

Is it true that a thin mist fell softly on Mandalawangi? How dreary forest Mandalawangi Gie so grim that poem? So much for cantiknyakah, which appear in Pangrango sun?

These questions follow me throughout the climb. Makes me want to immediately set foot in there and prove what is written on his poetry GIE. However, a trip to the heading Pangrango is not an easy journey.

It took about seven hours to reach the Cage Rhino Post, post regular hikers camping place before continuing the journey to the top. And within a period of seven hours, the streets where berundak steps, climbing, obstacle fallen tree trunks, hot stream from the source crater of Mount Gede and others.

Heading towards the rhino enclosure of peak Pangrango more sadistic. The road uphill, with obstruction fallen tree trunks and soft soil. It took approximately four hours to get to the top

Actually, if the comparisons, Cibodas much easier path than the other lines. Like the saying goes, 'all roads lead to Rome' likewise, 'many paths to Pangrango'.

There is still another path towards approximately 15-20 Pangrango. However, there are three common, bypassed the usual Cibodas, Gunung Putri (direction Cianjur) and Selabintana (Sukabumi). There are also paths Geger landscape that is often used for search and rescue exercise.

Cibodas track is pretty friendly, especially for novice climbers. You can stop a few times, drinking mineral water, chocolates nibbled, sipped sugar for Java is done to increase the power.

In addition to fatigue, there are concerns that I and my friends are not up in accordance with the specified time. Why we have to calculate the time, should be arrived at so that could see the sunrise. Seriously, we were late and did not get to watch the sunrise. Even so, the regrets fade as focused concentration to get through the steep road.

Me and my friends are unconsciously start enjoying this trip. Enjoy a sense of fatigue, leg pain, calf cramps, sticky sweat, littering the ground shirt and pants. Makes me think, fatigue makes us time to enjoy the natural truth actually. If only the sunrise and peak alone is our goal to climb the mountain, how many little things that we miss.

Not felt, me and my friends up at 3,019 masl. Actually in the middle of 3,019 meters above sea level, the peak aroma had begun. Trees, and the edges begin to appear no longer to be the roof of the forest, the sky took his place.

Gunung Gede began to look, looks like a wide-bodied women bongsor. Very different from the slimmer and proportionate Pangrango. Pangrango peak is not so extensive, it may only fit 3-4 tents. From the top you see is Mount Gede and procession of white clouds with blue sky background.

To get to the valley of love Gie, we have to go down again approximately 2 hours. Overlay edelweiss tops that barely meet the desert bloom that is not so broad that. A line of river that divides the desert to desert one another.

Previously, I had to concoct, how would I react when he reached the top. Apparently, euphoria Pangrango and Mandalawangi just simmering under the foot of the mountain alone.

So we want something that is no longer a special thing when we managed to get it. It may be true that the philosopher Slavoj Zizek said: We donâ € ™ t really want what we think we desire.

A friend who had climbed the mountain in Java, almost all said that's called obsession. Sometimes an obsession is so blinding to the point we just focus on the goal and ignore the process.

We are not a hunter sunrise, conqueror of mountains or want to be just like Gie. We just nature lovers who climb gunungâ € | ... Well, just to enjoy nature ..