Ramadan is a great time to explore how Islamic culture in Indonesia is very rich and diverse. In Lombok, there is the oldest mosque, Masjid Bayan Baleq, where not just anyone can pray here. Why?

If Bali island dubbed Pura 1000, the island of Lombok has nicknamed 1,000 mosques. Of the many mosques, one is a historical mosque in the village of Bayan Bayan Beleq, North Lombok. This is the oldest mosque in Lombok land.

"This mosque was built around the 15th century by Sunan Prapen. Spread Islam Her first time in Lombok, Lombok which at that time was ruled by the kingdom of Karangasem Bali," said the caretaker of Masjid Bayan Beleq, Raden Palasari to the group Burufly and detikTravel, Wednesday (3/7/2013) ago.

When looking at Masjid Bayan Beleq, our attention focused on the architecture of the building. Unlike historic mosques that are usually seen magnificent, Masjid Bayan Beleq very traditional. The walls are still made of bamboo.

"We are maintaining the original shape Beleq Bayan mosque, the walls are made of bamboo and wood. Still the ground floor," said Raden.

Raden then describes in detail the shape of the building Masjid Bayan Beleq. He also told the group looked at the top of every mosque. There is only one pole only, not shaped like a crescent moon and star mosques in general.

"That would imply that God is one," said Raden.

Have not lost our admiration, Prince issued a statement that made the party wrinkled forehead. According to him, Beleq Bayan Mosque is the only mosque in Lombok at the time. So, not everyone can pray here.

"The interior of the mosque is only able to accommodate 40 worshipers. Would not fit that all citizens of Lombok prayers here," said Raden.

Therefore, only the religious leaders of the representatives of each region Lombok can pray here. Ordinary people are not allowed to pray here and the rules are still valid today. Raden was re-explain and straighten every word.

"So then, just this mosque are there in Lombok. Finally, if the chosen agreement should pray here only religious leaders alone. Was in order not to cause jealousy," said Raden.

Although you can not pray to the mosque, people still do other Lombok praying at home as usual. Beleq Bayan mosque also has a large drum, as a reminder of the arrival times of prayer.

Beleq Bayan mosque has become a cultural heritage established since 1993. Tourists can come to the mosque, to see the history of Islam and Islamic teachings Watu Telu know who's here.

"In the vicinity of the mosque, there are 6 large tomb which is the religious leaders earlier in Lombok.'s Most historic mosques in Lombok," Raden lid.