Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin's wife, vocalist of the band Coldplay, which has launched two cookbooks have a special impression on Indonesian food. After tasting the sauce and noodles colo-colo-tek tek he marveled at the culinary riches of Indonesia.

In May Gwyneth visit to Indonesia with his two children. Special impression he got when visiting the Park and Red Beach. He also talked about the delicious culinary Indonesia.

Together Apple and Moses, two sons, four days in Indonesia is a unique and memorable experience. Gwyneth spent the night in a luxury ship named Silolona classic design. through, which is a personal website, Gwyneth tells how amazed they put on the chef making bbq chicken, fish and vegetables and a salad for her when they were in Ulau Banta.

She also shared a photo boat parts and photos pantry containing fresh food ingredients. And he told of his experiences eating chicken satay, tempeh, tofu, and rice cake in a plate, the chef cooking the food which he called Chef Yudha was asked to write down the recipes.

Not only recipes, chef rupaya also add illustrations and drawings of materials cutlery himself drawn by hand.

The actress who has received an Oscar also prescribe spiced fish, sweet tempeh, chili colo-colo, and also noodles tek-tek she likes!